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John F. Kennedy Airport



In April 1942, New York City began placing hydraulic fill over the marshy tidelands of Idlewild Golf Course. Initial plans were for a modest 1,000-acre airport, but by the time construction was complete Idlewild Airport had grown to five times that size. Commercial flights began in July 1948. On December 24, 1963, the airport was rededicated John F. Kennedy International Airport in memory of the nation's 35th president. Today, JFK is the nation's leading international gateway, with more than 80 airlines operating from its gates.

The Port Authority and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are dedicated to making your travel experience safe and secure. We ask you to take a moment to become familiar with some important security measures. By reviewing them now, you will save time at the airport.

The key to getting through the airport faster is being prepared. Take these steps in order to minimize time at security checkpoints:

  • Pack luggage in layers (this increases visibility when baggage is scanned)

  • Ready your boarding pass and ID

  • Take off outer garments and shoes

  • Place any loose metal objects in your carry-on

  • Remove your laptop from your bag and place it in the bin

  • Passengers should consider placing additional items in checked baggage since this will ensure a more efficient screening process at TSA screening checkpoints (passengers are reminded that the air carriers request they bring only one carry-on bag and one personal item per person).

  • Passengers are encouraged to have prescription cards for all medications including syringes. Medications should be in original packaging.

  • Passengers can also expect additional security procedures to be in place including possible body pat downs.

  • Passengers should give themselves extra time to check in and proceed through the security checkpoint before their flight, especially during the busy holiday travel season.

Liquids: Keep in mind that liquids are allowed in carry-on luggage only in accordance with the TSA's 3-1-1 format. Please review this policy .

Prohibited Items: Click here for a list of prohibited items.

Batteries : Click here for more information if you're traveling with battery-powered equipment.

Food/Gifts : Click here for more information. There are some exceptions to these policies for customers with disabilities and medical conditions.

Visa/Passport Information : Visit the Department of Homeland Security Web site here for more information.

Passengers with questions may contact the Transportation Security Administration Coordination Center at (866) 289-9673. Click here to visit the TSA Web site .


State gun laws vary considerably. Before possessing and carrying firearms into New York or New Jersey, please be aware of local state gun control laws. Please check with New York State Police or New Jersey State Police prior to possessing and carrying a weapon into New York or New Jersey.


When traveling with pets, pets should remain in their carriers at all times except for service animals. The Port Authority of NY and NJ and our airport partners have provided pet relief areas for customers. These areas are located in the arrivals area of each terminal. Follow the signs in the baggage claim areas or ask a Customer Care Representative for information.

Owners can take their animals to these pet relief areas and allow the pets to relieve themselves. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals with the materials provided in the pet relief areas. Pet owners whose animals have an accident elsewhere in the terminal are expected to clean up after their animals and notify a member of the cleaning crew.

There are no pet relief areas beyond security checkpoints in any of the terminals at the Port Authority airports.

As policies relating to the transportation of pets vary by airline and time of year, we suggest you contact your airlines directly for details.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection offers expedited travel for pre-approved, low risk travelers who qualify. For information on CBP's Global Entry Program,click here .

For more information visit: Transportation Security Agency (TSA) , Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) .

More than 70 airlines operate out of JFK. The following is a comprehensive listing on the best way to contact each of them. Please note that the following links (below in blue) and phone numbers are based on the most current information available. Please confirm terminals with your airline.

Please also note that some international flights arriving late at night may be required to clear Federal Inspection Services at Terminal 4 arrivals area rather than the arrival terminal listed below.

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code Departures Terminal Arrivals Terminal

Aer Lingus(800) 474-7424

Aero Mexico(800) 237-6639

Aeroflot(888) 340-6400

Aerolineas Argentinas(800) 333-0276

Air Berlin(866) 266-5588

Air Canada(888) 247-2262

Air China(800) 982-8802

Air Europa(800) 238-7672 
(800) 2EUROPA

Air France(800) 237-2747

Air India(212) 751-6200

Air Jamaica(800) 523-5585

Alitalia(800) 223-5730

American(800) 433-7300

American Eagle(800) 433-7300

ANA (All Nippon)(800) 235-9262

Arik Air(877) 900-2745

Asiana(800) 227-4262

Austrian Airlines(800) 843-0002

Avianca(800) 284-2622

Azerbaijan(718) 645-8578

British Airways(800) 247-9297

Brussels Airlines(516) 622-2248

Caribbean(800) 538-2942

Cathay Pacific(800) 233-2742

Cayman Airways(800) 422-9626

China Airlines(800) 227-5118

China Eastern(866) 588-0825

China Southern(888) 338-8988

Copa Airlines(800) 359-2672

Czech Airlines(800) 223-2365

(Domestic)(800) 221-1212

(International, LAX, SFO, SEA)(800) 241-4141

Egyptair(212) 315-0900 
(800) 334-6787**

El Al(800) 223-6700 * 
(212) 768-9200

Emirates(800) 777-3999

Etihad(888) 8ETIHAD

EVA Airways(800) 695-1188

Finnair(800) 950-5000

Fly Jamaica Airways(855) 435-9526

Hawaiian Airlines(800) 367-5320

Iberia(800) 772-4642

Icelandair(800) 223-5500

Interjet(866) 285-9525

Japan Airlines(800) 525-3663

Jet Airways(877) 835-9538

(Barbados, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, St. Lucia, St. Maarten and Turks and Caicos)(800) 538-2583

Aruba, Bermuda, Nassau, Bahamas and Puerto Rico(800) 538-2583

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines(800) 374-7747

Korean Air(800) 438-5000

Kuwait Airways(800) 458-9248 * 
(212) 659-4200

Lan Chile(866) 435-9526

Lan Ecuador(866) 435-9526

Lan Peru(866) 435-9526

LOT(212) 852-0240

Lufthansa(800) 645-3880

Meridiana(866) 387-6359

Miami Air (charter)+(305) 871-3300

North American(800) 371-6297

Norwegian Air Shuttle(800) 423-7127

OpenSkies(866) 581-3596

Pakistan International Airlines(212) 760-8455

Qantas(800) 227-4500

Qatar Airways(877) 777-2827

Royal Air Maroc(800) 344-6726

Royal Jordanian(212) 949-0050

Saudi Arabian Airlines(800) 472-8342 * 
(718) 551-3020

Singapore Airlines(800) 742-3333

South African Airways(800) 722-9675

Sun Country800-FLY-N-SUN

SWISS(877) 359-7947

TAM(888) 235-9826

TAME(718) 285-9402

Transaero Airlines(877) 747-1191

Turkish(800) 874-8875

Ukraine International Airlines(800) 876-0114

United Airlines(800) 241-6522

US Airways(800) 428-4322

Uzbekistan(212) 245-1005

Virgin America(877) 359-8474

Virgin Atlantic(800) 862-8621

WestJet(800) 538-5696

XL Airways(877) 496-9889


Reservations for private car services can be made at the Port Authority Welcome Center located on the Arrivals level of each terminal. If the center is closed, there is a convenient self-service kiosk nearby where you can contact authorized private car services.


Dial 7 Car & Limo Service

(800) 222- 9888 
(212) 777-7777


Connecticut Limousine

(800) 472-5466 
(203) 878-6867

Dave's Best Limousine

(800) 255-2378 
(215) 288-1000

Dial 7 Car & Limo Service

(800) 222-9888 
(212) 777-7777


Dial 7 Car & Limo Service

(800) 222-9888 
(212) 777-7777


Dial 7 Car & Limousine Service

(800) 222-9888 
(212) 777-7777


Dial 7 Car & Limo Service

(800) 222-9888 
(212) 777-7777


Dial 7 Car & Limo Service

(800) 222-9888 
(212) 777-7777

SAFETY TIP: Ignore offers of transportation from solicitors in the terminal. Soliciting of ground transportation is illegal and many illegal solicitors are unlicensed and uninsured. To obtain ground transportation information, please visit the Port Authority Welcome Center located in the arrivals area of each terminal, where uniformed staff will be happy to assist you. Ignore non-uniformed people offering to assist with baggage. Seek out uniformed porters or airline employees for baggage assistance.

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